Proposed Change of use at St Teilo's Church

Since an announcement made at a meeting on March 16th 2019 on the future of St. Teilo’s Church in the Parish of Cathays, there have been many reactions made public as a result of confusion, anxiety and hurt. In order to resolve these concerns, Bishop June has attended two meetings in the past week to listen to the issues raised and to work towards a mutually agreed way forward. As a consequence of the Parish of Cathays Easter Vestry meeting on the 30th April, a small ‘Development Group’ was appointed by the Incumbent on behalf of the Parochial Church Council to meet with Bishop June, her team, and representatives of the Resource Church to find a way in which the Resource Church and the Parish of Cathays can work alongside each other within St. Teilo’s and for the wider benefit of the parish and the diocese.

The first meeting of the Development Group took place on May 2nd, where issues were raised directly with the Bishop and the Archdeacon of Llandaff. Bishop June started the meeting by saying that she wished to work with us to find solutions, and that this “would not be done coercively”. Everyone at the meeting thanked the Bishop for her statement. It has now been agreed that all issues raised at the Development Group meeting, along with those arising from the Congregational Survey at St. Teilo’s, will form the agenda for a joint meeting between the Bishop, the Development Group and representatives of the Resource Church, prior to the PCC meeting on June 4th. All agreed that ‘we were in a much better place’ for having had the opportunity to air concerns and to outline the things that are so important for the congregation of St Teilo's and the Parish of Cathays as a whole. Much progress has been made, and with God’s help and guidance we will find a mutually agreed way forward where both traditions can coalesce and bring the word of God to the wider Community in our own unique and fully inclusive way.