Aims are in no order of priority.

Aim 1 To offer and explore a variety of worship in order to encourage people to explore the meaning and value of the Christian faith.

Actions: We intend to:

  • continue and develop Sunday night devotional services, twice a month;
  • offer a variety of non-Eucharistic worship at other festivals;
  • develop a more regular pattern of Wholeness and Healing services;
  • offer a minimum of 2 Quiet Days for prayer, reflection and discernment of God's will.

Aim 2 To express our Christian care and concern with people across the world in order to share God's love in a practical way abroad, and to understand more about other people's lives in a global context.

Actions: We intend to:

  • raise a further �2,000 to support a community in Armenia, through the organisation 'World Vision';
  • support the operation 'Samaritan's Purse: Operation Christmas Child' by putting together shoeboxes and holding a gift service;
  • support Fairtrade wherever possible.

Aim 3  To be agents of God’s love and generosity in the local community in order that we may use the God-given resources we have for the well-being of the people on our doorstep.

Actions: We intend to:

  • Develop and open the garden of St. Teilo's Church for the use of local people;
  • Open our churches as often as we can for social events so that the public may come in and find hospitality;
  • Make the buildings available for local schools and arts communities to use for their education and enjoyment.

Aim 4  To offer a sense of God’s healing and wholeness to the people we meet who are in need of pastoral care in that we can work effectively as agents of God’s unconditional love.

Actions: We intend to:

  • seek to formalise our visiting, listening and caring through the development of a pastoral care team which can work and pray together. Those with particular gifts in this area will meet together to pray and discern motivation for a pastoral care team;
  • continue our training in Mission and Ministry through a group of five people attending an ongoing course, on behalf of the Parish.

Aim 5  To develop our ministry to children and young people so that we can connect with and nurture the faith of those who are developing their own understanding of the Christian faith and what it means in their lives.

Actions: We intend to:

  • encourage the Sundays at Six group to take part in leading services;
  • offer confirmation classes on Saturday afternoons for children to explore their faith, leading to confirmation, or simply out of interest;
  • engage the children with our world-wide mission project and particularly Samaritan's Purse: Operation Christmas Child;
  • seek to join diocesan events aimed at young people;
  • interact with the local schools as much as possible.